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September 8, 2010
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Your Soul, Please. by PaperandDust Your Soul, Please. by PaperandDust
...Lucifer, or a concept of him. :meow: taking 'sign away your soul' literally.

Full view, please!!!

Just an idea i came up with, and have been doing at school... a stylized devil, offering a contract, with lots of nasties crowding around behind him. Just another business transaction, if you will. =p

Anywaaayyy... roughly 25 hours or so with watercolor, red ink, and a black pen. enjoy!!!

(C) Druidchickz, 2010.
...oh, and why the angel wing? because Lucifer was orginally an angel, and so i decided to show a little of that... make of it what you will.
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Critique by Axelrox Sep 8, 2010, 8:14:57 AM
I'm amazed by your patience. Like most of your other works, the detail is incredible. Everytime I look at this picture, I find something new.

I love that you didn't make Lucifer into some kind of demon. He looks like more of a person. He definitely has a face I wouldn't trust though. And I'm liking that he still has an angel wing. While it's yellow, it doesn't pop out too much to take away from the rest of the picture, thanks to the use of gray and red. I love your use of red in this picture! It really adds to the feeling that this is not a place you want to end up.

A couple small things. First, the hands. The one holding the card(?) semms alittle small.
Second, the table. As things come closer, they looks bigger. But I don't really see that happening here.

Great detail, interesting ideas, a couple things that could be fixed, but overall an amazing piece of art!
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The piece is truly an original in the style that is used and colors themselves,
where some my possibly see a small blur, but rather in truth a great deal of detail put into the piece.
For some confusion and misunderstanding is likely to be found when first seen, however chaos is
most very much the element the artist
was using so that one can better study the piece and know why much time was used to create it

The skulls represent the people you have made deals
with the devil and with cost of losing something that is important to them. The red ink is that of blood no doubt where as it shown all over the piece as the primary color for red.It is also that blood is so thick that it is hard to remove it stands as the idea of where one makes a mistake making it clear of how one trys to rid themselves of it.

The faces and red eyes on the walls are that of demons or other misshapen creatures that serve the devil as his minions or even prephaps victims of the same deal but now shown in the appearance of their mistakes
as they are so many that they can be considered like an actual wall that is either alive or undead in some dealings of their eternal suffering in hell

The cloaked figure is most likely the true form of the devil where as the man in the middle
is a host or puppet of his pulling all the strings, showing his presence among humanity
. With the cloaked figure having two different wings tell of thedevil’s past life as an angel of great and current wing of a now demonic existence.
As a final note, the written scroll in the back is that of warning where once someone make s the deal they
will have no choice after wards as it is their immortal soul.

So time and planning is clear to be said for this as there was no rush in the making of this for it shows a powerful impactof the vision the artist had of the devil and hell itself. The piece itself has proven to an example of how incredible the imagination of the artist
can be and to go passed any limits of the mind to beyond even greater pieces of art.
What do you think?
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LuckyIrishEyes Sep 8, 2010  Student General Artist
WOW you really put a lot of effort into this! 25 hours?!? *faints* simply amazing, i love it! :dummy:

that really paid off, congratulations. :meow:
PaperandDust Sep 23, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
haha, 25 hours aint to bad actually, could be a lot worse!!! thankyou =)
SaKoz-Unleashed Sep 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoah, this is really nice :D

I do like your pictures literally amassed with complex details. Wood patterns on the desk, the scrolls on the background, the wings and detailed feathers... Plain amazing.
PaperandDust Sep 23, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
thankyou!!! =)
SaKoz-Unleashed Sep 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem :D
Turned out really nice! I especially like the angel wing, looks oddly metallic.
PaperandDust Sep 23, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
thankyou!!! =) haha, a plushy angel wing would have been to much out of context i thought!
dame i love your work
PaperandDust Sep 23, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
aw, thankyou =)
Snozna Sep 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the details overwhelm me =p
this looks really great
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